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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The sessions are one to one private sessions, and tailored to you and your dog's requirements.

Once you've booked a session, I will meet you on your chosen time and day, either at your home or local park, depending on what issues you'd like to work on.

We will have a short chat for 5 minutes or so, so that I may learn a little more about you, and your dog, then we get straight into training there and then.

At the end of the session, you will receive a write up containing a full recap of everything that we covered, for you to refer to. You will be then expected to work on what we covered with your dog until the next session.

At the following session, we will discuss how things are going, which bits are working for you, and which bits need looking at again, in order to fine tune your dog's training more.

We will continue this way until the dog's issue is resolved.

Do you deal with all dog breeds & age groups?

Absolutely definitely! I am as happy working with a Chihuahua as I am with a Great Dane, and everything in between. 

The youngest dog I have trained to date was 8 weeks old, and the oldest was 13 years. All dogs can be trained, regardless of breed or age. It's just a matter of time, patience, and love.

Do you deal with aggressive dogs?

Yes, I do deal with aggressive dogs, even ones with a history of biting people. If your dog is aggressive, please contact me to discuss it further, to ensure we keep everyone safe.

What training methods do you use? 

My methods are all designed with the dog's welfare as my number one priority, so prong collars, shock collars, or any of those other ugly pieces of equipment will not be necessary for me to train your dog. Instead, I use time, patience, lots of tasty treats, a favourite toy or two, and love to get the required results.

Are you a positive reinforcement trainer?

Yes, I certainly am. As per the previous question, I do not use any aversive equipment, or punitive training methods. Everything is taught in the form of a game or a reward-based situation for your dog, so that not only does it make learning fun, it also ensures that your dog will want to behave the proper way, and continue to do so long after your training sessions with me. 

So, wait, you don't use any form of punishment at all? 

I never use punishment in the traditional sense of the word, but I do believe in adding consequences to a dog's actions if he fails to comply with what we're asking of him. This doesn't mean I'll smack him with a rolled up newspaper, instead I may ask you to put him in a time out for a couple of minutes, or to take your attention off him for a moment, so that he learns that he can't always have his own way. Just as we teach children right from wrong, dogs, too, must understand that there are consequences to certain behaviours. However, most behaviours do not warrant this method, and can be resolved without the need to apply a consequence.

Where are you located, and which areas do you cover?

I am based in Tameside, Greater Manchester, and cover Tameside, Stockport, and the surrounding areas. A full list of areas are available on the Locations page of the website. 

How much does it cost?

My rates are £45 per hour, or you can buy a block of 5 sessions for £210. The 5 sessions can be taken anytime within a 3 month period, although I recommend a session once every 10-14 days to gain maximum value out of our time together. 

What's your cancellation & refund policy?

Once you're booked in, you may cancel or amend your booking, free of charge, up until 48 hours prior to the session. 

If you cancel 48 hours or less prior to the session, then you will forfeit full cost of the session. 

No refunds are given after making payment, but your credit will remain on file to use for a new booking within 3 months on a single booking. If you've paid for a block booking, all 5 sessions must be used within 3 months of making payment.

By booking and paying for your session(s), you agree to these terms.

How do I book?

Once you're ready to make a booking, head to the Home page, where you will find a button on the top left, just above the photograph of Captain. Click on that, and the website will guide you through the process. You can choose your time and day before confirming anything. Payment must be made via bank transfer within 48 hours of making the booking, otherwise it will auto-cancel. 

What if there's no availability for the times or days that I want to book?

I appreciate that the time slots do book up quickly, and that often you may have to wait longer than you'd like to see me. However, I am excited to announce that you can now waitlist yourself for a particular time and day, which means that if that slot becomes available, you'll be contacted right away to take it instead. 

How do I transfer payment to you?

Payments can be made via bank transfer, and you'll receive the bank details upon confirming your booking. If you have misplaced the details, please contact me and I will send them to you.

Can I pay cash?

You can pay cash, but not on your first session. The first session must be paid for in advance, via bank transfer, however when I see you at your first session, you may pay cash then for any subsequent sessions you may have booked.

Are you qualified and insured?

I am fully qualified, holding various diplomas, certificates, and vocational qualifications, awarded from educational canine bodies such as BCCS, APDT, and IDMT. I also continue my studies on an ongoing basis, so that I stay up to date with any new methods or techniques that may arise. 

I am fully insured, too, DBS checked, and

certified in Canine First Aid.

Do you have a Facebook page?

I certainly do! It can be found by searching @captainsordersdogtraining on Facebook 

How do I contact you?

My contact details are listed on the Contact Us page of the website, and also at the very bottom of every page. Alternatively, you can use the chat box to your bottom right hand corner. 

How many people can attend the session? Can my children be involved?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it's better that everyone who handles the dog is present for the training session, so that it keeps it consistent for your dog. The more consistency and the more people who effect the new rules, the quicker the dog will begin to learn. Please note that children under 14 are not permitted to attend group classes or puppy parties at Happy Dogs Day Care, due to insurance reasons. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions, just head to the Contact Us page, where you will find contact details, along with a form you can use to send a direct enquiry, if you prefer. Alternatively, click on the chat box to your bottom right, and ask your question(s) there. 

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