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Service Description

A dog's sense of smell is incredibly strong! They say that if we laid out all the scent receptors from a human nose, it would fill a postage stamp, whereas if we laid out all the receptors from a dog's nose, it would fill a bath towel. That should give you a good understanding of how powerful our pups' noses are, and we can utilise that extraordinary sense to both ours and our dogs' advantage. Scentwork is something that's becoming frequently more common in the UK nowadays, and in a nutshell, it means playing games with your dog that gives them opportunity to use their noses to find whatever it is you've hidden. You can hide treats, a favourite toy, or even one of your family, and teach your dog how to find the "lost" article. Dogs absolutely love these games as it feeds their natural instinct to go foraging. It also tires them out a lot! Using their noses is very mentally stimulating for dogs, so you can be sure of some peace and quiet later in the day when your pup falls fast asleep after the day's adventures. Book a session today to learn how to play these games, and to teach your dog some fun new skills.

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