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Getting Ready for a Walk

Service Description

Going on a walk is the highlight of your dog's day, and oftentimes it can be the highlight of your day, too. However, the excitement of going on a walk can sometimes be too much for a dog, and so trying to get them dressed and ready becomes a struggle. Some dogs run away from their lead and collar, eager to get the games started right away, some dogs wiggle and squirm while you dress them, and some yap and yap and yap because they simply can't contain themselves. Whilst we want every dog to look forward to their walk, there's a lot to be said in keeping things a little calmer before you leave the house. Having a dog calm before you set foot outside sets the tone for the walk, and will encourage better behaviour whilst out and about. If your dog's anticipation for a walk is a bit too much, book a session today and turn the getting dressed antics into a thing of the past.

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