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Distance Control

Service Description

This differs from Distance Direction in that it is a more stationary skill. Direction is moving your dog from Point A to Point B from a distance, whereas Distance Control is commanding your dog to perform various skills and positions on one spot from a distance. For example, you might put your dog in a Sit & Stay, move 40-50ft away, then command him to Stand, Lie Down, Turn, Rollover, and Sit again, with neither of you moving from the spot. You can also bring your dog back to you in stages, using Emergency Stops on the way to halt your dog's movements and giving further commands in between. A video of Captain performing this style of Distance Control can be found on the Captain's Orders Dog Training Facebook page (@captainsordersdogtraining). Book a session today to teach your dog some Distance Control, and get ready to be the envy of all the other dog owners at the local park! Please note the prerequisites for this skill are a solid Recall, Stay, Sit, and anything else that you'd like to command from a distance. If you need extra help with any of these things, we'll tackle those first, before moving on to Distance Control later.

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