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Canine Enrichment

Service Description

This is a very fancy term for a simple meaning of give your dog more stuff to do. It's all very well and good to take them out on lovely long walks to keep their bodies active, but what about their brains? Many dogs, particularly the smarter ones of the Canine World, such as Shepherds, Collies, Labs, and Spaniels, need extra stimulation to keep their brains ticking over. Giving them things to do, whether it be a game, a new skill, or even a job to do, will mentally tire them out and ensure that your life is more peaceful as a result. Many undesirable dog behaviours stem from dogs being bored, and adding some enrichment to their lives often solves a fair few issues. They say a tired dog is a happy dog, so book a session today to learn how to mentally stimulate and enrich your pup.

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